About Us

Kelyf Games is located in Mauritius and was created with the aim of making unique and unparalleled games that will bring both joy and entertainment to everyone around the world. 

We hope that our games will create long lasting friendships and unwavering bonds that will stand the test of time for generations to come. 

Our Work 

We are proud to announce our first project: MazeM ! 

MazeM's concept is based on battles occurring in dungeons and mazes where soldiers want to gain what they seek most...Treasures. MazeM encompasses and regroups these elements into one card game that we hope will be loved by players.

MazeM requires skill, strategy and cunning gameplay to use the four Myrmidons (Rabbit Knight, Wizard Robot, Water Dragon and Mirage Griffin) who will take part in epic maze fights with the assistance of the Item cards (Weapons, Traps, Potions and Enchantments) to win the Treasure and become the Maze Master !